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You have a university degree and have found a job or a job offer in Germany? Find out here what requirements you have to fulfil for the EU Blue Card.

The EU Blue Card (Section 18b (2) Residence Act) is a special residence title for foreign academics who want to take up qualified employment in Germany.


1. Requirements

  • University degree: You hold a German university degree, a recognised foreign university degree or a foreign university degree that is comparable to a German university degree. We will be happy to provide you with information on the equivalence and recognition of foreign university degrees after you have sent us the required documents.
  • Job offer: You already have a concrete job offer in a company in Germany.
  • Appropriate Job: The job must be appropriate to your qualifications (university degree).
  • Minimum salary: With the job in Germany you will achieve a gross annual salary of at least EUR 45.300 gross (EUR 3.775 per month) (approx. USD 48,000) (in 2024). For jobs in the professional fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, engineering and human medicine, a reduced gross annual salary of at least EUR 41.041,80 (approx. USD 44,000) (in 2024) applies.
  • If applicable, approval of the Federal Employment Agency for the exercise of the activity.


2. Procedure

  • Check requirements (we will support you in this)
  • Book an appointment with the relevant German Foreign Mission (we will support you in this)
  • Prepare documents (we will support you in this)
  • Attend a personal appointment at the competent German Foreign Mission
  • Apply for visa (we will support you in this)
  • Enter Germany
  • Apply for a residence permit in Germany (we will support you in this)


3. Costs

The fee for all visa types issued for a long-term stay in Germany charged by the Foreign Missions is approx. EUR 75.00 (approx. USD 80.00).

Unlike many law firms, we do not want to agree an hourly fee with our clients in order to protect them from high costs. Instead, we prefer to charge a fixed price. Please contact us for further information.


4. Validity / Possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit

The EU Blue Card is issued for the duration of the employment agreement plus three months, but for a maximum of four years. If the requirements are met, an extension is possible. A change of job within the first two years of employment must be approved by the competent Foreigners┬┤ Authority.

After 33 months, holders of an EU Blue Card can obtain a settlement permit. If the required language skills of level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) are proven ahead of time, the settlement permit can already be granted after 21 months.

You would like to live in Germany together with your family? As a holder of an EU Blue Card, this is possible. More information here.


We are happy to support you with the necessary steps and provide you with all the required information, useful overviews and checklists, and are available for any queries in personal calls.

Contact us.