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Intra Corporate Transfer

If you work as a manager, specialist or trainee in a company outside the EU and are to be assigned / posted to one or more company locations within the EU, then you may be eligible for an Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT). For this purpose, you will receive an ICT card in the EU member state where you will be working for your company for the longest time.

On the basis of the ICT card, you can also work for your company for a short time at company locations in other EU Member States.


1. Requirements

  • Employment abroad, secondment to Germany: As an employee of a company or group of companies based outside the EU, you will be temporarily seconded to their establishment in Germany, i.e. your previous employment agreement will remain valid,
  • Specialist: You must work in the host establishment in Germany as a manager, specialist or trainee and provide proof of your professional qualification for this,
  • Minimum period of employment with the company abroad: You must have been employed at the company or group of companies for at least six months prior to secondment without interruption,
  • Minimum duration of the secondment: the intra-corporate transfer must last longer than 90 days,
  • Valid employment agreement: you must have an employment agreement valid for the duration of the intra-corporate transfer and, if applicable, a letter of secondment,
  • Continued employment abroad after the end of the secondment: the employment agreement or secondment letter must state that you will continue to be employed by your previous employer after the transfer, and
  • No secondment in Germany within the last six months: at least six months must have passed between your last stay as part of an intra-corporate transfer and the current one.


2. Procedure

  • Check requirements (we will support you in this)
  • Book an appointment with the relevant German Foreign Mission (we will support you in this)
  • Prepare documents (we will support you in this)
  • Attend a personal appointment at the competent German Foreign Mission
  • Apply for visa (we will support you in this)
  • Enter Germany
  • Apply for a residence permit in Germany (we will support you in this)


3. Costs

The fee for an entry visa for all visa types issued for a long-term stay in Germany is approx. EUR 75.00 (approx. USD 80.00) charged by the Foreign Missions.

Unlike many law firms, we do not want to charge our clients an hourly fee in order to protect them from high costs, but rather charge a fixed price. Please contact us for further information.


4. Validity

In Germany, the ICT card is issued to managers and specialists for the duration of the transfer or for a maximum of three years.


We are happy to support you with the necessary steps and provide you with all the required information, useful overviews and checklists, and are available for any queries in personal calls.

Contact us.