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We don’t stop when you enter Germany. We want to support you completely until normality has returned. The services listed below represent only a part of our additional services. Please let us know how we can support you beyond that.


1. Registration office / administrative procedures

After entering Germany, foreigners are obligated to register with the relevant Residents’ Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) and the Foreigners’ Authority (Ausländerbehörde). If foreigners do not comply with this obligation, they may face immense fines and, in the worst case, even face removal from Germany.
We are at your disposal and will accompany you personally through all kinds of administrative procedures.


2. Driving licence

Germany is a country of individual mobility. Depending on the country of origin, existing driver’s licences are recognised. At least for a limited period. This is because it is often necessary to take a theory test or a practical driving test again in Germany.

We will be happy to check all the details together with you and support you in choosing a driving school and taking the necessary steps to obtain a permanent driving licence in Germany.


3. Health insurance / Insurances / Banking

Whether Managing Director, employee, student or family member. Health is the most important thing. In Germany, it is therefore compulsory to be insured in health insurance funds. A basic distinction must be made between statutory and private insurance.

Visa, residence permit, employment agency. We can do that. We do not know anything about insurance, banking and investments. Here, however, we can fall back on certified and independent advisors who will be happy to inform you about necessary and useful insurances and advantageous investments in a free initial consultation.


We are happy to support you with the necessary steps and provide you with all the required information, useful overviews and checklists, and are available for any queries in personal calls.

Contact us.