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VISALABS offers significantly lower rates than other providers for advising employers and employees on obtaining residence permits and visas for Germany or naturalization. A brief research online reveals abysses: Many law firms offer an hourly fee of up to € 300.00 per hour (without fee cap), while other companies offer fixed prices of up to € 1,490.00. Wow.

Therefore, 6 financial reasons to choose VISALABS:

  1. FREE INITIAL CONSULATION: Unlike most other companies, we offer a completely free initial consultation in a call. This allows our customers to get an overview of the chances of a successful application without having to dig straight into their pockets. Click here for the free initial consultation:
  2. FIXED PRICES: We understand the economic challenges our clients face and the need to keep onboarding costs for new employees as low as possible. That’s why we work with fixed prices instead of hourly fees. This ensures cost transparency and cost minimization.
  3. VARIABLE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Things can get tough at the end of the month. We offer various payment conditions.
  4. REVIEW BY LAWYERS: We play it safe. All applications are fully reviewed by our lawyers before being sent out. Our lawyers are also available to answer any queries. Without additional costs!
  5. FAST APPLICATION: Time is money. The faster employees can start their job, the faster employees and employers benefit. We start the application process immediately after the assignment and thus manage to send applications within up to 24 hours. This saves time. Save time, earn money!
  6. ATTRACTIVE PRICES: Starting at € 199.00, we can offer our consulting services at a comparatively low price thanks to our application portal. Naturalization / obtaining German citizenship to our knowledge at one of the most attractive prices in Germany.


If you have any questions about our services or need assistance with applying for a residence permit for Germany or a visa for Germany or obtaining German citizenship, please do not hesitate to contact us. We support you in applying for all types of visas and residence permits for Germany.

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