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The Accelerated Procedure for Skilled Workers can significantly shorten the administrative procedure from the commitment of the skilled worker to the first day of work. Find out here what steps you need to take in the process.

You have decided to recruit a foreign skilled worker and would like to speed up the administrative procedure until the visa is issued? In some countries, the increasing number of applications at the German embassies has led to shortages in the allocation of appointments and visas. The so-called Accelerated Procedure for Skilled Workers is intended to remedy this situation.


1. Requirements & Procedure

  • Authorisation of the Employer by the skilled worker: In order to apply for the Accelerated Procedure for Skilled Workers, you need a power of attorney from your future skilled worker.
  • Contacting the Foreigners’ Authority in Germany
  • Conclusion of an agreement between the Employer and the Foreigners’ Authority: The Foreigners’ Authority and the Employer conclude an agreement which includes, among other things, the obligations of the Employer, those of the skilled worker and the authorities involved (Foreigners’ Authority, Federal Employment Agency, Recognition Offices, German diplomatic mission abroad). In addition, you will receive a description of the procedures, including the names of the parties involved, the documents to be submitted and the deadlines.
  • Processing fee: When concluding the agreement with the Foreigners’ Authority, a processing fee of EUR 411.00 (approx. USD 440.00) will be charged by the Foreigners’ Authority for carrying out the Accelerated Procedure for Skilled Workers.
  • Recognition of the foreign qualification: The comparability of the foreign qualification with a German educational qualification is usually a requirement for the issuance of a visa for professionals from third countries. The Foreigners’ Authority initiates the procedure for recognition or equivalence assessment of the foreign qualifications.
  • The competent authorities have to decide on the recognition within two months after the complete application documents have been submitted.
  • Approval procedure of the Federal Employment Agency
  • Issuing the preliminary approval for the visa application
  • Visa application abroad


2. Costs

The fee charged by the Foreigners’ Authority for this procedure is EUR 411.00 (approx. USD 440.00). Unlike many law firms, we do not want to agree an hourly fee with our clients in order to protect them from high costs. Instead, we prefer to charge a fixed price. Please contact us for further information.


3. Validity

The duration of validity depends on the respective type of residence permit.


We are happy to support you with the necessary steps and provide you with all the required information, useful overviews and checklists, and are available for any queries in personal calls.

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