The Skilled Workers Report published by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) in November 2023 (available here) reveals the continuing increase in the lack of workers on the German labour market as part of a survey of almost 22,000 companies in Germany.

The most important results of the survey:

  • One half of the companies surveyed stated that vacancies could not be filled due to a shortage of skilled workers. Only 14% of companies stated that they had “no problems” filling vacancies.
  • 82% of the survey participants expect negative consequences for their own company. 40% of the companies surveyed already have to limit their range of services by reducing opening hours, waiting times or service and are losing business as a result.
  • According to 16% of companies, they are less able to invest in Germany due to the lack of labour and skilled workers.
  • More than a quarter of the companies surveyed from the industrial sector fear a loss of innovation and competitiveness due to the lack of skilled workers.
  • 60% of the companies surveyed expect an increased workload for existing employees and rising labour costs.


The majority of the companies surveyed are willing to hire foreign skilled workers in order to overcome the staff shortage. However, the procedure required to apply for or extend a residence permit or visa, such as an EU Blue Card or work permit, is still criticised by the survey participants: Applying for or extending employment permits for employees from abroad takes too long, despite the changes to the Skilled Immigration Act. Foreigners’ Authorities in Germany are still heavily overburdened and direct contact with them is usually not possible. Companies that do not rethink now must expect to relocate abroad.

It is clear that the lack of skilled workers will not be solved by politics. Administrative procedures could certainly be simplified. However, with more than 540 Foreigners’ Authorities in Germany, this will take some time provided the federal states agree to a central Foreigners’ Authority at all.

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