Germany is competing internationally for skilled workers. The Skilled Workers Immigration Act (Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz) is an important component of the German government’s strategy. The modernized Nationality Act is intended to enable a further step toward becoming a modern immigration country.

At the end of August 2023, the Federal Cabinet approved a draft law to modernize German Nationality Act (Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz). In doing so, the federal government is implementing a key project from the coalition agreement. If the law comes into force, naturalization in Germany will be possible much earlier than before. Multiple citizenship will also be possible. This article explains how VISALABS can support employees in obtaining German citizenship.

Status so far

Around 14 percent of the population in Germany does not have a German passport – just over twelve million people. Of these, around 5.3 million have been living in Germany for at least ten years. Although their center of life has been in Germany for a long time, they cannot participate and take part in democratic processes.

In the EU as a whole, the naturalization rate is 2.0 percent; in Germany, it is only 1.1 percent. One significant reason for this: Unlike many other countries, Germany has so far required people to give up their old citizenship.

Planned amendments

  • Multiple citizenship is to become possible: Immigrants no longer have to give up their previous nationality when naturalizing.
  • Naturalization to be accelerated: Instead of 8 years, people will be able to obtain German citizenship after only 5 years.
  • Special accomplishment is rewarded: In the case of “special integration achievements”, naturalization is possible after only 3 years.
  • Achievements of the guest worker generation are to be recognized: Proof of oral language skills is sufficient for naturalization (no naturalization test necessary)


The German government approved the bill in cabinet on 23 August 2023. Parliamentary consultations will begin in autumn. The Act is expected to be passed in the 1st half of 2024. We will of course keep you updated.

Multiple citizenship

The possibility of being able to retain the previous nationality when acquiring German nationality will in future exist under German law for all naturalization applicants without any restrictions. It then depends exclusively on the nationality law of the country of origin whether the previous nationality can be retained or possibly lost with the acquisition of German nationality. Binding information on the nationality law of another state and the administrative practice there can be provided by the competent authorities of that state.

Germans who acquire another citizenship can also retain their German citizenship without further ado. A retention permit is no longer required.

Support by VISALABS

The procedure for obtaining German citizenship is comprehensive and bureaucratic. VISALABS assists in reviewing the requirements for obtaining German citizenship, checking and preparing the necessary documents, and in filing the application and representing you in any dealings with the authorities.

If you have any questions about the changes or need assistance with the application process, please feel free to contact us. We support you in applying for all types of Visa for Germany and Residence Permits for Germany and obtaining German citizenship.

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