Shortage of skilled workers: According to an evaluation of labour market data at the Institute of the German Economy (IW), around 540,000 positions cannot be filled on a regular basis at present – and the trend is rising. Read more here about how VISALABS can already help employers deal with the shortage of skilled workers..

Hiring foreign skilled workers from third countries (outside Schengen area) has become increasingly important for employers in Germany. In view of the growing lack of skilled workers and the globalised economy, qualified workers from abroad are becoming an important part of the German economy. The services of VISALABS can help employers already now to deal with a future shortage of staff.


Lack of skilled workers in Germany / The role of foreign skilled workers from third countries

Germany is facing a growing lack of skilled workers, which is affecting various sectors and regions. According to current statistics from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), the lack of skilled workers will amount to around 3 million workers by 2030. To remain competitive and realise their growth potential, German employers are increasingly dependent on recruiting skilled workers from abroad.

Foreign skilled workers from third countries not only bring urgently needed qualifications with them, but also new perspectives, cultural diversity and intercultural skills to companies. They are often highly qualified and can fill a gap in German labour markets where specific skills are in demand. According to a study by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), companies that hire foreign skilled workers are more innovative and grow faster than their competitors.


The support of VISALABS: Visa for Germany

VISALABS specialises in facilitating the process of hiring foreign professionals. The services include, among others

  • assisting with applications for visas and residence titles from abroad and from Germany,
  • compiling and checking all the necessary documents
  • representation vis-à-vis Embassies abroad or Foreigners’ Authorities in Germany,
  • a simple and smooth process that greatly reduces slow administrative procedures for both employers and hired professionals,
  • reducing the risk of errors or delays in the application process, and
  • ensuring a higher success rate.


In addition to visa and residence title applications, VISALABS also offers a range of other services to facilitate the transition for employers and skilled workers. These include among others

  • advising on insurance to ensure that foreign professionals are adequately covered,
  • support in the search for housing by providing information on suitable neighbourhoods and assistance in the actual search for accommodation,
  • assistance in dealing with authorities, such as registering their place of residence, and
  • support in integrating into the new environment.


If you have any questions about our services or need assistance with applying for a residence title for employment purposes, please feel free to contact us. We support you in applying for all types of visas and residence titles for Germany.

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